The 4th Key in the Cinebarre

We just got back a couple of hours ago from the DVD test in the theater to prepare for this sunday, and it looks and sounds much better than we were expecting. Still not perfect, of course, but we're learning more with every project.

I'm very excited to be having this in the theater, even if we are renting it ourselves. And afterwards, we'll have it up on youtube and on DVD. And then we see where we go from here.

Well, I'm older

But not any more responsible :P

Eh, that's not true, sometimes I'm WAY more responsible than I would like to be, it gets in the way of my fun.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Have a great day!

Hunger Games

I guess the trailer made it look far better than it actually was. My gf and I went to see it, and we were both extremely underwhelmed. So much so, that as soon as it was done we went home and watched Battle Royale so we could get a better story and more interesting violence.
Now, you might think that we missed the point of Hunger Games, to which I say, I think you missed MY point :P

Regardless, maybe it's something you'll like, if you like chick flicks with  an hour and a half of running through nature, falling over things and generally looking helpless. But give me emotionally scarred, bizarrely angry Asian highschoolers pitted against each other in an island-wide death match anyday. ;)

We both wished we'd gone to see Wrath of the Titans instead. HEH.